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Elektron Truva is an art piece inspired by the legendary love and passion between the beautiful Helen and Paris, the Trojan prince lived in the ancient city of Troy (truva) in Western Anatolia (Turkey). Truva is also the homeland of Trojan war hero Aeneas, the ancestor of Romulus and Remus, who are the founders of the city of Rome.

With its 3-motor 4-wheel drive setup, 1.400 HP and chassis components shared with the legendary Elektron Quasar, Elektron Truva is a game changer in its target segment.

0-100 km/h –> 2.1 sec
Top Speed: 360 km/h (limited)

Each curve of Elektron Truva is carved with a true mindset of an artist. While designing and engineering, we followed the steps of the genius Leonardo da Vinci, felt the similar passion and love with Rodin, just like Beethoven dreaming about the wonderful Moonlight Sonata, we dreamt about seeing the silhouette of Elektron Truva moving on the road like a swan landing on a lake.

Armağan Arabul -Founder, CEO & CTO

Elektron Truva Technical Specs

Power 1.400 HP
Torque 1.600 NM
Weight 1.600 Kg
Power to Weight Ratio 0.875 HP/Kg
Powertrain 3 motor setup with 1 electric motor connected to 1 gearbox at the front and 2 electric motors connected to 1 gearbox at the back
Gearbox 2 Speed with multi-plate mechanical differential unit
Chassis Carbon-Monocoque
Torsional Stiffness 75 kN/degree
Suspension Double wish-bone with adjustable push-rod
Battery Pack Up to 120 kWh
Brakes Carbon ceramic brakes with additional vacuum pump
Aerodynamics Front and rear wing with diffuser and active aerodynamics