0-100 km/h – < 1.65 sec
0-402 m – < 7.5 sec
0-300 km/h – < 8 sec
Top Speed: 450 km/h (limited)


Flawless engineering leads to perfection. With its incredible technical specifications, over twice the power of modern Formula 1 cars and downforce capability of more than LMP cars when necessary, Elektron Quasar is a truly futuristic engineering masterpiece.

When you are filled with serious determination and on love with what you do, you automatically devote yourself to it beyond space and time. It doesn’t matter what time it is and it doesn’t matter where you are. You are aware that in order to reach your targets you must work, work and work harder, with an infinite amount of energy and wisely. Your team must consist of people who are at best at what they do. You know that all this is the key to all real success stories… This is exactly how Elektron Quasar was born.

Armağan ARABUL -Founder CEO & CTO

Elektron Quasar Technical Specs

Power 2.300 HP
Torque 2.400 NM
Weight 1.500 Kg
Power to Weight Ratio 1.53 HP/Kg
Powertrain 4 motor setup with 2 electric motors connected to 1 gearbox at the front and the same setup at the back
Gearbox 2 Speed with multi-plate mechanical differential unit
Chassis Carbon-Monocoque
Torsional Stiffness 81.2 kN/degree
Suspension Double wish-bone with adjustable push-rod
Battery Pack Up to 120 kWh
Brakes Carbon ceramic brakes with additional vacuum pump
Aerodynamics Front and rear wing with diffuser and optional active aerodynamics (The Nordschleife Package)