That boy is now an electrical and electronics engineer graduated from the University of Bath / UK with a master’s degree in business administration, a racing car driver and a businessman since 2002, where he developed and produced various composite components and  electromechanical equipment up to 550 kV and supplied to more than 120 countries worldwide. He is an old “petrol-head” and a new “electron-head”, having modified many cars since year 2000. Since 2015 he has been working on Elektron Project, in 2017 he founded Elektron Motors in Germany and now with a team of passionate people just like him, he is building the 2.300 HP Elektron Quasar and 1.400 HP Elektron Truva.

When you have a dream since your childhood and you are over 40 years old, this dream has been a part of your personality for a long time and this story is about how his targets has overcome his dreams…



Elektron Motor’s story began with the dream of a 5 year old boy, who loved cars as long as he remembers his name and wanted to build his own car. He drew his first car on paper, which was supposed to tell the driver how many cars were in front till the target of the journey.


“People often ask me when and how I started Elektron project and why I want Elektron Quasar to be the most powerful and fastest production car in the world.

I have always been a car lover. I remember kissing my father’s new car when I was 4 years old…  However, my passion for competition started with running. I “run” very fast since my kindergarten days. I used to have races with my “teachers” and would beat them when I was 6 years old.

In primary school my friends used to call me “cheetah” as I was the fastest running kid in the school. That is when I started loving “being fast” and “winning”. They also used to call me Armando (Maradona) because I was also a chubby boy.

Then came my love for flying, birds and airplanes. Eagle was my favorite bird and F-16 was my favorite plane… They still are…

My real love for racing started with Ayrton Senna. He was my idol with all his passion, determination and also love for justice. What he said has been the motivation of my life: “Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose.”

This is “our story”. And this is just the beginning of a legacy…



Nobody thought me how to drive. When I was 11, I just tried to drive my sister in law’s car in an empty land, where I basicly sat in her manual Opel Astra and drove it. Because I had studied it 100 times in my head before…

When I started modifying my cars in year 2000 there was one thing in my head. “Being the fastest!”. It was also my aim when I was racing. I modified many cars, from cam-only 4 cylinders to 1.500 HP 94 mm turbocharged V8s and 1.000+ HP domed pistoned N/A engines with progressive wet nitrous systems, methanol injection and stroker kits.

I love the feeling of freedom, speed and excitement of motorbikes and they have been in my life since 2005.


It was my father, who gave me the strength and determination to reach success. As he is one of the pioneers of the energy sector in Turkey and also the honorary member of World Energy Council, he knows very well how hard it is to have a start-up and succeed with something most people find impossible to accomplish, especially at 1960s. Since childhood I always wanted to be an electrical engineer like him and a very successful business man. So I always did my best to succeed at school to reach my goals. That is how I was accepted into the University of Bath in UK and graduated as electrical and electronics engineer and started my business carrier. My nickname when I was studying electrical & electronics engineering in the University of Bath / UK was “Armageddon”. But it is not because I was destructive, it is because whatever I do, I aim to reach the best result, whatever the circumstances are. In various companies I have worked as a design engineer, sales engineer, business developer and executive manager in various companies and reached ambitious targets with our teams.


My love for racing has never left me. That is why I applied and elected to be a racing car driver in a national racing series, which was broadcasted live on national television.


In 2015 we started Elektron Project in our family company. In 2017, due to the circumstances, I had two options. To stop Elektron project and continue with other projects or leave the family group of companies and pursue my dream. I took the second option, moved to Germany with my wife, who made a big sacrifice for this. Having taken life-changing steps already, we have determined very passionate targets, and established Elektron Motors, to build the most powerful production car in the world!


Especially thanks to my mother, who was an author and a poet, I have always liked all kinds of literature and art since I was a kid.

Art is a therapy for the soul and a base for inspiration. Each artistic piece, whether it is one of the Rodin’s sculptures, Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings, lines from Shakespeare or notes from Bach, enlightens different yet multiple parts of the brain and triggers creativity. This inspires more people to be artists, so art evolves and diversifies with time. Together with science, art is one of the two main ingredients for a civilization to advance.

While designing Elektron Quasar and Elektron Truva, we aimed to have a unique design language formed with a touch of art and futuristic vision. We wanted to be a pioneer in the new era of automotive with our innovative technologies, out-of-this world performance figures and science fiction like technical specs.

That is the reason why Elektron Quasar is not “just another hypercar”. It is the ultimate hypercar car to be the fastest and the most powerful. Then the all-electric game changing Elektron Truva is coming, which will also be the most powerful and fastest in its segment.

Today, when I am looking at an Elektron I feel like I am in The Matrix. I don’t only see a handcrafted piece of art of a car with lines, components and shadows, but I also see the components’ part numbers, the evolution of each specific part and component; what it was and what it has become, I see product drawings with technical specifications, from the biggest components to some tiny durable titanium bolts… I see the material properties, I see plies of carbon-fiber fabrics laid down in different angles on top of each other to optimize the structural rigidity. I see curing cycles, work stations and milling machines. And not only all that, I also see how all those parts and components work in a great harmony within the most powerful production car in the world, how the car handles in the curve, how it hits the apex, how it accelerates almost faster than its shadow at the end of each corner.

So it is not just like The Matrix, it is beyond that; it also includes the 4th dimension, the time, and a period starting from my childhood and stretching at least to the end of this century, it includes emotions, passions, sacrifice, and determination and years of sleepless nights.


My passion for racing has a new vision…

Elektron Motors stands on two legs. One is building class leading extreme performance road cars and the second one is building
winning race cars. Without one leg, our story is never complete. This is our target, this is our dream.

Life is a race, and the future of racing is electric.