Elektron Motors aim to be a pioneer in combining innovative environmentally friendly technologies with futuristic art and incredible performance.

Each component in every Elektron is chosen with upmost care, from the powertrain components to the smallest titanium bolts, to ensure the best result, the ultimate car!

Each Elektron raise the bar both on the road and on the track with its perfect weight distribution thanks to its mid-engine layout influenced 3 or 4-motor, 4-wheel-drive powertrain, low center of gravity, great handling characteristics thanks to its adjustable push-rod suspension system, responsive and sharp steering system and mind blowing downforce, when necessary.

Specially designed chassis and suspension components developed together with world-leading project partners ensure the perfect handling characteristics, where with a torsional stiffness of 81.2kN/degree, this chassis is also the strongest in the world, which also ensure safety of the occupants.

Elektron, Made in Germany. Our passion leads, they follow.