It was my father, who gave me the strength and determination to reach success. As he is one of the pioneers of the energy sector in Turkey and also the honorary member of World Energy Council, he knows very well how hard it is to have a start-up and succeed with something most people find impossible to accomplish, especially at 1960s. Since childhood I always wanted to be an electrical engineer like him and a very successful business man. So I always did my best to succeed at school to reach my goals. That is how I was accepted into the University of Bath in UK and graduated as electrical and electronics engineer and started my business carrier. My nickname when I was studying electrical & electronics engineering in the University of Bath / UK was “Armageddon”. But it is not because I was destructive, it is because whatever I do, I aim to reach the best result, whatever the circumstances are. In various companies I have worked as a design engineer, sales engineer, business developer and executive manager in various companies and reached ambitious targets with our teams.