Especially thanks to my mother, who was an author and a poet, I have always liked all kinds of literature and art since I was a kid.

Art is a therapy for the soul and a base for inspiration. Each artistic piece, whether it is one of the Rodin’s sculptures, Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings, lines from Shakespeare or notes from Bach, enlightens different yet multiple parts of the brain and triggers creativity. This inspires more people to be artists, so art evolves and diversifies with time. Together with science, art is one of the two main ingredients for a civilization to advance.

While designing Elektron Quasar and Elektron Truva, we aimed to have a unique design language formed with a touch of art and futuristic vision. We wanted to be a pioneer in the new era of automotive with our innovative technologies, out-of-this world performance figures and science fiction like technical specs.

That is the reason why Elektron Quasar is not “just another hypercar”. It is the ultimate hypercar car to be the fastest and the most powerful. Then the all-electric game changing Elektron Truva is coming, which will also be the most powerful and fastest in its segment.

Today, when I am looking at an Elektron I feel like I am in The Matrix. I don’t only see a handcrafted piece of art of a car with lines, components and shadows, but I also see the components’ part numbers, the evolution of each specific part and component; what it was and what it has become, I see product drawings with technical specifications, from the biggest components to some tiny durable titanium bolts… I see the material properties, I see plies of carbon-fiber fabrics laid down in different angles on top of each other to optimize the structural rigidity. I see curing cycles, work stations and milling machines. And not only all that, I also see how all those parts and components work in a great harmony within the most powerful production car in the world, how the car handles in the curve, how it hits the apex, how it accelerates almost faster than its shadow at the end of each corner.

So it is not just like The Matrix, it is beyond that; it also includes the 4th dimension, the time, and a period starting from my childhood and stretching at least to the end of this century, it includes emotions, passions, sacrifice, and determination and years of sleepless nights.